Matheniko Game Reserve

Uganda Wildlife Authority

On the plains of Karamoja to the north of Mount Elgon lie Matheniko Bokora Wildlife Reserve and the expansive Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, the second largest protected area in Uganda, with an area of 2,788km2.

The dominant tree species are red acacia and desert date. “Also present are bushwillows, Harrisonia abyssinica and red spike-thorns. Shrubs include butterfly pea and wooly caper bush.


The most commonly sighted mammal in the reserve is the oribi, Carnivores, Jackals, Civets, Spotted hyenas, Servals, Leopards, Cheetah and Wildcats. The reserve has primates like the Vervet monkeys, Patas monkeys, Olive baboons, Ungulates and Topi. Also Cape buffalo, Common eland, Roan antelope, Blue and common duiker, Günther’s dik-dik, Klipspringer, Waterbuck, Ugandan kob, Bohor and mountain reebuck are a common feature in the reserve.

The reserve also has enormous rock pythons and smaller but venomous puff adders. Harmless water snakes are also found there. The largest lizards in Pian Upe are the Savannah monitors. Others in the reserve include the common agama as well as skinks, chameleons and geckos.

Rock paintings

Rock paintings found at various sites within the Matheniko Bokora Wildlife Reserve are believed to date back over 3000 years and were created by the Kushite and Nilotic peoples.


Bokora Corridor Wildlife Reserve

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Lake Opeta – Besina Wetlands

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