Mount Morungole

The Mountain People of Uganda

Mount Morungole (2,2749m) lies partly in Kidepo Valley National Park of Uganda and South Sudan and is home to the Ik-People that have moved to the mountains during the creation of the National Park. Neighbouring peaks are Mount Zulia, and the Labwor and Dodoth Hills reach heights in excess of 2,000 meters.

The people

The Ik are the smallest indigenous tribe in Uganda and live from communal agriculture and are famous for their beekeeping. Their huts look like any other, but they reach up to 2 meters under the ground.

Kidepo Valley National Park

As a perfect combination with a visit to Kidepo Valley National Park, take a 1 day hike guided by a community member to the summit for a panoramic view of the three surrounding countries.

mountains of karamoja, northeast uganda

Uganda’s northeastern border of the plateau is defined by a string of volcanic mountains that include Mountains: Morungole, Moroto, Kadam and Napak all of which exceed 2,538 metres in elevation. The southernmost mountain – Mount Elgon – is also the highest of the chain, reaching 4,321 metres.

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